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Naked Official is an Independent Australian - made label. We are a fine balance between progressive and timeless design, with great emphasis on detail and quality craftsmanship. We believe that traditional construction, fine fabrics and impeccable fit take precedence over trend. Each piece is created with purpose and meaning, for a woman who is Real, Alluring and Strong. Naked goes against the expected by punctuating a woman’s vulnerability with a seductive edge.

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The first Naked Official collection stays true to the codes of the brand. Following classic shapes, dark tones, clean lines, geometrical concepts and sensual anatomical silhouettes. Naked Official takes the fluidity of the woman’s silhouette as inspiration, and injects the diligence of tailoring, polished design and high-end construction into its spirit. The garments speak for themselves.


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We wanted our fabric to perform a certain way so we developed our own signature jersey.  Crafted to the right density and elasticity to mould to the woman’s body. This textile has the perfect balance of rayon and spandex for silk like softness, stretch, comfort, breathability and lasting durability. All garments are lined with the same main fabric to provide a fitted structure and silhouette.


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Pattern making is at the heart of the brand. It is the DNA of the garment and what makes every seam what it is and every shape it’s own. The patterns convey our thoughts and ideas as we send each of our pieces on a journey from sketch to flat pattern, to three- dimensional form, completely understanding it’s purpose and how the garment will perform on the wearer. Using a traditional method of pattern making and cutting, each pattern piece is drafted by hand and cut where the fabrics desirable properties are exploited.


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In a few words.

It all started through her passion for constructing clothes and designing fashion. Olga Moore spent years educating textiles and design before leaving to launch her first RTW brand Naked Official. Two years in research and development led to crafting great fit and quality fabrication, going on to developing the brands own textile to mould to the woman’s body.

Throughout childhood and her teens fashion was always her first love. From drawing, to patternmaking, deconstruction and rebelling from obvious trends, her vision still remains strong – which is to embrace the whole process of the garment, from start to finish.

Proportion is the ultimate inspiration behind each of her designs as she believes, it defines how the body appears on the outside, constantly staying true to the line.

In her studio, she meticulously cuts and pattern-makes each piece with great care and detail. Challenging herself to create pieces in which woman can hold memories with, feel seductive and empowered. She pours her passion into each garment and this is reflected through quality craftsmanship and impeccable construction. A piece is never complete and never released without trying it on herself. All pieces are constructed and made in Australia.

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